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“The most wanted”

A short post.     I went to the opening reception of “Speculative Cultures: A Virtual Reality Exhibition” last night and something that one the artists in exhibition said has been stuck in my mind. The artist concluded his short thank you speech by saying something like, “this is a great exhibition, leading VR’s entrance… Continue reading “The most wanted”

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Film history will remember 2017

2017 will be remembered as a special year in film history. Last May, Cannes Film Festival included Okja (2017), the first Netflix original film to be premiered in a major international film festival, in its competition section. There were debates about whether a film that had not been screened in a traditional movie theater could be considered… Continue reading Film history will remember 2017

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Bloodless (2017), VR film by Gina Kim

Introduction to Bloodless (trailer) Bloodless (2017) is a ten-minute Virtual Reality (VR) film that recreates, recounts, or “deals with” a tragic murder of a real-life sex worker by a US soldier stationed at the Dongducheon camptown in South Korea in 1992. Based on a true story and filmed on location where the crime took place,… Continue reading Bloodless (2017), VR film by Gina Kim

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Dreamlands @WhitneyMuseum

Dreamlands Official Website Last Friday night, I attended a special screening titled “Ways of Seeing” at Whitney. It was a part of a program in association with the museum’s grand opening of “Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016”. I originally planned to go to the exhibition after the screening for about an hour, but as… Continue reading Dreamlands @WhitneyMuseum

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History Repeats: VR Exhibition at the DMC Festival 2016

A belated post on my experience at the DMC festival 2016. DMC Festival website (with a brief introduction to the festival programs) I remember a history professor telling me how important it is to understand where we are in terms of historical timeline. He emphasized the value of situating ourselves along the constant turbulence in history.… Continue reading History Repeats: VR Exhibition at the DMC Festival 2016